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We are a British manufacturer of high quality process instrumentation and diaphragm seals. We supply our products to the Pharmaceutical, Food Processing, Dairy, Chemical, Petrochemical and Nuclear industries.

Our products include pressure gauges, temperature gauges, hygienic / chemical diaphragm seals, pressure transmitters, thermowells, RTD Pt100's, thermocouples and many other related products and accessories.

Latest News

  • 15-07-2014 - PCI manufacture a wide selection of diaphragm seal pressure gauges suitable for hygienic (sanitary) applications. Available with DIN, SMS, IDF, RJT, Varivent and Tri-Clamp connections. These are used in the Pharmaceutical, Dairy, Food and Beverage industries. More...
  • 15-01-2014 - PCI offer industrial quality RTD PT100’s and Thermocouples with ATEX approval for use in potentially explosive environments. These instruments also have GOST R approval for sale into the Russian Federation and are available with a wide range of fabricated or barstock thermowells. In addition we also have a ceramic version which can operate up 1600ºC! More...

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